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Click on episode title to read review (only first 9 available, I'll write the rest ASAP)
  1. pilot, Paradise Regained
  2. The Devil's Pearl
  3. The Locket
  4. Lessons for a Warrior
  5. Trent In Love
  6. The Fiery Messiah
  7. Blackbirding
  8. The Rabblerouser
  9. Isabelle's Brother
  10. The Boxer Rebellion
  11. The Statue
  12. Fool's Gold
  13. The Assassin
  14. The Outlaws
  15. Fatal Shore
  16. Fast Company
  17. The Eye of Tangaroa
  18. Rock of Ages
  19. Grief and Lepers
  20. The Compass and the Killer
  21. The Tender Trap
  22. The End of Jenny <LAST>
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